Dan Lipman and Associates /L-2 Financial

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Who We Are

We have created in-store merchandising programs for over 30 years and with the Covid pandemic shrinking our customer base we have used our world wide connections to successfully move into the commodity and financial investment sector of business.  We have direct access to trading platforms for financial instruments as well as hard assets.  We are successfully trading in gold as well as funding for commercial real estate projects.  We are a team of seasoned business executives and pride ourselves in maintaining the honesty, integrity and professionalism that is the cornerstone of success in business.

Our portfolio page is still available to view to illustrate the caliber of clients we have serviced over the years.  We have maintained many of these clients over decades which further illustrates our  above mentioned philosophy of our way of doing business.


Specializing in


Injection molded, vacuum formed and fabricated.


“In house” powder coating.


Laminated, natural and painted.


Audio, video and augmented reality, self-service and interactive kiosks.


Direct print process.


Some of our clients